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Rock A Rail 2013 by Magenta Films

Much and more has been said about Rock A Rail 2013, but the contest is far from being forgotten. New edits are booming and now you have a chance to watch one of those better ones. There is plenty of shots you haven’t seen before including Jaeger Bailey smashing the camera actually filmed from THAT camera. Enjoy this parade of the best rail tricks that went down in the Hague on September 27th – 28th 2013.


Eiki and Halldor HelgasonEthan MorganJaeger BaileyBenny UrbanLen JørgensenEirik NesseWill SmithKas LemmensGulli GudmundssonHans AhlundWojtek PawlusiakDarek Bergmann and more..

1st Len Jørgensen
2nd Eirik Nesse
3rd Benny Urban

Best Trick: Kas Lemmens
Best girl: Tove Holmgren

Crowdpleaser: Jaeger Bailey


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