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Protest Rock A Rail 2013 Presented By Monster Energy

Protest Rock A Rail 2013 presented by Monster Energy was the first major city jib contest this season and the riders kicked off big!

Saturday 28th September 2013 – world’s best jibbers gathered in the Hague, Netherlands, to hit the gnarliest stairset in the contest’s history and it went off! Our friends from Freeride.cz selected the best shots they got throughout the contest and you can check out the final cut. The edit is featuring Eiki and Halldor HelgasonEthan MorganJaeger BaileyDenis LeontyevBenny UrbanLen JørgensenEirik NesseWill SmithKas LemmensLudde Lejkner, Gulli Gudmundsson, Hans Ahlund, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Dominik Wagner, Cees Wille, Darek Bergmann, Tove Holmgren and Max de Vries .

1st Len Jørgensen
2nd Eirik Nesse
3rd Benny Urban

Best Trick: Kas Lemmens
Best girl: Tove Holmgren

Crowdpleaser: Jaeger Bailey


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