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Hotzone.TV Park Opening Hintertux Video and Report Day 2


Jeremie Unterberger was just one of the dudes sending it at the adidas Jersey Jam / Photo: Christian Eli

On the second official day of the hotzone.tv Opening Hintertux the sun was hiding once again. The morning was dominated by strong winds and fog. Over the next few hours however, the thickest clouds moved on. Unfortunately, this was too late for the traditional Session of the Dudes. It usually takes place on the pro line of the Betterpark Hintertux and had to be cancelled.


Pint sized Fabi Kröll was bossing it with the big kids! / Photo: Christian Eli

The shredders were on it regardless and destroyed the many jib features in the park, even though only a few international pros like Brits Jamie Nicholls and Rowan Coultas showed up. After lunch the second adidas Jersey Jam went down on a new combination of the adidas barriers. A big field of riders battled for drink vouchers and cash money, among them pros like Benni Mösl, Jeremie Unterberger, Alex Walch, Tom Tramnitz, Roli Tschoder, Philipp Kundratitz, Klaus Lotto, Len Roald Joergensen and Denis Leontyev.

Superman! Would you do it? / Photo: Christian Eli

Afterwards, the fun continued on the Hintertux parking lot, where Original Bag Jump, a mini ramp, magazine booths as well as beats and drinks fired the opening crowd up for the upcoming and legendary Opening Party at the Hohenhaus Tenne.