O’Neill Evolution 2012 – Men’s Qualifiers

Despite flat light and a bunch of new snow, the men’s qualifiers went down yesterday at the O’Neill Evolution in Davos and here is the video highlights from the session.

Not so sure about the zoom in on the wrong-side-of-the-knee grab, but there’s some slams for schadenfreude and some neat stunts on the booter and rail setups to boot.


Big Air Qualification Men Round 1 Heat 3

1st Morgan, Billy – 2nd Uotila, Ville – 3rd Van Straten, Rocco

Big Air Qualification Men Round 1 Heat 2

1st Mathis, Markus – 2nd Piiroinen, Petja – 3rd Ulsletten, Emil

Big Air Qualification Men Round 1 Heat 1

1st Thorgren, Sven – 2nd Nicholls, Jamie – 3rd Morgan, Ethan

For the full list of results to see if your homie made the cut and to follow how things pan out today in the second round of qualifiers (aka the quarter finals), keep an eye on the O’Neill Evolution Live Scores.

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