Grenade Games 7 Video Highlights

Grenade Games 7 has kicked off Stateside, with Danny Kass, his erstwhile companion The Dingo, and crew of Grenerds bringing the goodtimes back to shred ‘contests’. Check the video from day 1. The mini pipe looks SOOO fun!

Bringing the funtimes back to their backyard – Bear Mountain – for the 7th edition of the Grenade Games, Kass and co pulled together an awesome double mini pipe, a transfer kicker dubbed ‘The Great Divide’, a bunch of fun jibs, a boardercross with waterslide, and even a moguls course. Then the let the likes of Louie Vito, Dustin Craven, Eddie Wall and more loose on it, shook their asses to The Game, and generally had more fun than a bucket of boobs. Check the video – let the goodtimes roll…

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