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Published in Onboard Magazine Issue 118, December 2010

Not since 2004, when the main jump collapsed under heavy rain, had the Freestyle jamboree suffered such appalling weather conditions as it did on the 25th of September. But contrary to the pessimists hiding in various dry VIP tents the only thing that went bang were the salvo of tricks put down by the snowboarders. Believe it or not out of 15 riders 12 threw double cork. Peetu after a good night’s sleep the night before slotted into first place with a double cork 10, followed by the Swiss man of mystery IPod and Canada’s mini Seb Touts.

Day two and the weather had improved as had the number of spectators. The fifi nals were stupendous but after the dust of the fight had settled it was TTR head of table Mr. Braaten, Seb Touts, Peetu and Stale left standing. You have invariably seen the videos on line by now, suffifi ce to say that the podium was inhabited by Gjermund in first (banging double 12), Touts in second, Peetu in third and Ståle in fourth and a fifi ne weekend was had by all.

Photos: Danny Burrows


Gjermund, view from ttr judges table
Photo: Danny Burrows

At the time of going to print Gjermund was sitting pretty at the head of the TTR table. Judging by his performance at the Freestyle he wanting to stay there.

Peetu Double Cork 10
Photo: Danny Burrows

Peetu strode into the second day of the competition in first place but perhaps the lengthly signing and photo session at the 6.0 castle knocked the puff out of him. Third and double cork 10 are pretty respectable though.

Photos: Danny Burrows


Photo: Danny Burrows

IPod in sunnies throwing down a double cork with Canadian bacon. WTF!

Markku Koski, Freestyle
Photo: Danny Burrows

Markku Koski was claiming to be the oldest rider in the roster but was still throwing hammers with the ‘groms’. Who said 28 was old?


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