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Finns Dominate Toyota Big Air

Finns Dominate Toyota Big Air

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

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[Video courtesy of Eero Ettala’s website. Party must have been a good ‘un, boys.]

Peetu Piiroinen adds another hunk of metal to his bulging trophy sack.

The contest schedule is rolling on as riders found themselves in Sapporo, Japan for the Toyota Big Air over the weekend. Guys like Peetu, Markku Koski, and Markus Keller had sacked off the chance of VIP seats at the ice blading in Vancouver and joined up with those of a more snowboard inclination for a chance to throw down in front of an always amped Japanese crowd.

There were five Finns in the 16 starting spots and when things had wrapped up, with Peetu Piiroinen’s backside 1080 late cork judged to be just a smidgin more impressive than Eero Ettala’s (by a mere 7 points, no less), there were four of those five in the top five. Belgian rookie Seppe Smits was the man to gatecrash the sauna party throwing down into fourth behind Piiroinen, Ettala and Antti Autti, but knocking out Koski in the process, however Ettala’s bang was too much for the flatlander.

Here’s the results breakdown:



  1. Babass

    EuroGap 3… Le Détour.

  2. heinz

    hey never saw such a bad video!

  3. Nul

    Fuck the Olympics! This is what snowboarding it all about!


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