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Ästhetiker Jam - Wängl Tängl

Ästhetiker Jam - Wängl Tängl

When: Thu 22nd of March 2007

Where: Mayrhofen, Austria

The fifth edition of the Waengl Taengl in Mayrhofen / Zillertal was carried out in perfect conditions from 22-25 March, 2007. Once again the Aesthetiker
event delivered the highest level of innovative freestyle snowboarding. Steve Gruber claimed the victory of the most important event of the TTR world pro tour in Austria in
a competition against a strong international field of the best snowboard freestylers.

Ästhetiker Jam - Wängl Tängl

“For me it was one of the coolest contests ever,” he said. “I can’t believe that I won. A big thanks to everyone who made this event possible.” Steve Gruber’s biggest victories were the medal of the halfpipe viceworld champion and the victory of the first Aesthetiker Waengl Taengl in 2003. The repetition of his victory four years later was mainly because “… the atmosphere was fantastic. The level of riding was incredible because the riders motivated each other tremendously. On every good trick the riders at the start were going crazy which motivated the next riders enormously,” said Steve.

In the finals Steve set a high level in his first run with cab 720, switch bs 540, bs 720 and an extremely stylish move in the so called ‘taco’. All of this as known from Steve with huge airtime and massive style. Competition came mainly from the Scandinavian side. On the kicker line the finish rider Jakko Ruha and Kalle Ohlsen from Sweden showed their impressive skills which unfortunately weren’t enough to battle the solid performance of Steve Gruber who won herewith valuable TTR points, the biggest part of the US$ 30.000.- prize money and a Suzuki LT-Z400 Quad Bike.

Ästhetiker Jam - Wängl Tängl

The goal of the Aesthetiker events is to show snowboarding how it is lived and how it really is which means a riding versatility and creativity. The snow park on the Penken Mountain was designed, constructed and shaped by the Mayrhofner Berbahnen and the Aesthetiker crew with knew obstacles to give the riders the opportunity to not only prove their technical snowboard skills but also to use their head. Various possibilities to use the park were given to the riders. Besides the kicker line, a rail line, a cradle and a so called ‘taco’, an obstacle which came out of the innovative Aesthetiker think tank, was there to be ridden.

The riders were asked to show a varied riding which in the end placed Steve Gruber in front of the two Scandinavians. This was a strong sign of life of the upcoming riders. Kalle Ohlsen proved after is second place at the Nashan Open in China and his 14th place at the Billabong World Junior Pro that his second place at the Aesthetiker Jam –Waengl Taengl would earn him a good place on the TTR world ranking list.

As the arrangement of the Aesthetiker Jam – Waengl Taengl has a perfect structure, the event is rated as a TTR 5 star event which is the second highest position within the TTR world tour and the only event in Austria in this category. The TTR world tour is opened to all snowboarders and allows all talented riders a quick access to be amongst the world’s best known riders as Marc Swoboda from Austria proved this weekend. Only two weeks ago Marc won the TTR 3 Star event, the Austrian Rookie Challenge and got herewith a wildcard to the Aestheiker Jam – Waengl Taengl. In an impressive way he went trough the qualifying rounds and astonished not only himself but also the
others with a fourth place.

Ästhetiker Jam - Wängl Tängl

“This day is incredible for me,” Marc said. “For the first time I am riding and Aesthetiker event and I was already stoked to have made it to the finals. The fourth place is unbelievable. The park is fantastic and the possibility to take various lines is great for the riders. A really great weekend.”

And indeed, it was an incredible weekend. On top of the snowboard contest, all aspects of snowboarding were taken care of at the Aesthetiker Jam – Waengl Taengl. Besides the art exhibition with the motto ‘No New Enemies’ where artists from streetart and boardsport culture came together, the Jäzz Lounge was an unforgettable party. In the Red Bull skatepark Phillip Schuster won the ticket to the European Championchips in Basel. The victory in the miniramp went to Michael Nadler who was absolutely overwhelmed.

Leonhard Gruber, the Aesthetiker CEO summed up: “In the last 10 years we have set a standard with our events. The Aesthetiker Jam – Waengl Taengl especially demonstrates our ambitions. Here we are transferring our whole experience and creativity. Thanks to the support of our partners, the Aesthetiker are able to fulfil the dream of uniting a snowboard contest with a skateboard contest as well as a Modart exhibition and several parties. It was a banging weekend!”

Results Aestheiker Jam – Waengl Taengl 07 Mayrhofen

  • 1. Steve Gruber (Aut)
  • 2. Jaakko Ruha (Fin)
  • 3. Kalle Ohlsen (Swe)
  • 4. Marc Swoboda (Aut)
  • 5. Wolle Nyvelt (Aut)
  • 6. Anthony Holland (Sui)
Ästhetiker Jam - Wängl TänglÄsthetiker Jam - Wängl Tängl

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Ästhetiker Jam - Wängl Tängl

Ästhetiker Jam - Wängl Tängl

Mayrhofen 22-25 March 2007

One of the most exciting contest finals of the TTR worldtour. This and nothing less is what spectators want to see at this year´s Ästhetiker Jam, Wängl Tängl in Mayrhofen, Zillertal. The history of the event is marked by very tight standings, ex-equo places and sleepless judges.


One reason for this being the huge contest arena which gives the riders endless possibilities to show and even expand their snowboard freestyle skills. New
obstacles in the park challenge the riders to creativity and spontaneity every year. The setting of the contest format is done together with the riders especially
focusing on technical execution and variation. The main emphasis is on style and an aesthetical performance.

A specialty of the ‘Wängl Tängl’ is the unique contest park that allows riders to have a variety of runs. Depending to the run chosen, riders can go over either a
three kicker line plus endsection or a kicker combination with handrails followed by the end section. On every run a series of four tricks have to be executed and
stomped. All runs have to be different from each other delivering a maximum of trick variations.

Last years presence of riders from 16 nations wasn’t enough to battle the culmination of all finals carried out between Finland and Austria. The Finish crew
with Aleksi Vaninnen, Tomi Savela, Jakko Ruha and Ville Uoitila was hungry for victory showing state-of-the-art techniques in freestyle snowboarding. The crew
from Austria with the Aesthetikers Wolle Nyvelt, Chris Kröll, Stefan Gimpl and the unfortunately injured Steve Gruber could only bring one shredder to the podium:
Stefan Gimpl defended the Aesthetiker home turf tying on second place with Tomi Savela. The tight winner and recipient of an ‘Ä’ tree trunk was Ville Uoitila with
the highest technical versatility, clean landings and a decent style.


Being upgraded to a TTR 5(five) star event, this years Ästhetiker Jam ‘Wängl Tängl’ attracts even more of the world’s best freestyle snowboarders. This means more
TTR ranking points (850 points for the winner) and more prize money, namely US$ 30.000!

Up-and-coming riders can qualify at the legendary ‘Shred Down’ in Westendorf for the Ästhetiker Jam ‘Wängl Tängl’. 10 riders qualify to be amongst the 48 riders
who will fight for the Wängl-crown in 2007.

Of course snowboarding is not the only thing happening on this weekend. A variety of events joining the boardsport lifestyle are taking place in Mayrhofen.

A street skate park is especially set up for this weekend for everyone to roll. Skateboard contests are happening in the miniramp and in the ‘Game of Skate’. Numerous international skate-pros are invited to fight for prize money and trophies.


For the first time an art exhibition in collaboration with the project ‘Modart’ will take place. Just beside the skate park, various streetart and boardsport artists are
invited for a week to work on a live-installation and present their artwork. The title of the exhibition is ‘No New Enemies’.

Party and music have always been amongst the highlights of aesthetiker events. This years motto is ‘Jäzz Lounge’ with live music by the ‘Waxolutionists featuring
The Supercity Soundsystem’.

This weekend will definitely not be very restful for riders, guests and spectators. Besides all the action taking place, improvement on the personal riding skills are
also an option as the halfpipe and the medium size park are always open to the public.

More at: www.aesthetiker.com