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When: April 3-5, 2009

Where: Flachauwinkel, Austria

Herby Thaler – photos: Konflozius

The Swatch TTR 4Star Absolut Park Spring Battle took place this past weekend under brilliant bluebird skies.

An international crew that included some of the Swatch TTR top riders of the 2008/2009 season assembled to take on the stars of the Austrian snowboard scene in an ‘Absolut Battle’. Jaakko Ruha (FIN) attacked the features with super consistent Finnish style to place first which earned him 500 TTR ranking points, $4000 USD and moved him up to World No.26 In second was local ‘Absolut Park’ rider, Herbie Thaler (AUT) with Ville Uotila (FIN) taking third and ascending into World No.22.

The Absolut Park shaping crew led by Seppi Harml and Christoph Walchhofer have a reputation for being some of Europe’s finest park builders and they certainly lived up to the reputation. The riders utilized the 20m ‘Cowboy Kicker’ and a number of obstacles including a wallride, logs, boxes and rails to ride it ‘hard – cowboy style’ throughout the day.

47 riders entered into the competition with 10 eventually progressing through to the ‘super finals’, with their two best runs making up the end result. The level of riding was some of the best seen at the ‘Absolut Park’ with 9s and 10s being thrown down with ease. Jaakko Ruha outstyled his opponents and took first place with a Backside 10 to Frontside 9 Tail grab on his first run, and a Cab 9 to Backside 7 on his second. He was stoked with his efforts “The riding was pretty good, the park was awesome. It took some time to get used to it but when I got it, it went really good for me. It was a great season finishing event”.

Jaako Ruha

Local rider, Herby Thaler (AUT) had the crowd going wild every time he dropped in and managed to snag second place with a Cab 9 to Frontside 7 Tail and a Backside 9 Melon to Cab 270. 2007 Spring Battle winner, Ville Uotila (FIN) claimed third place with a FS 9 Melon to Switch BS 9 on his first run and a Cab 9 to FS 9 on his second.

The 2009 Swatch TTR Absolut Spring Battle increased to 4Star in 2009 and has pushed the limits to be one of the most slamming spring events yet to be seen. The season is in its closing stages but there has still been plenty of 3Star action around the globe.

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Absolut Park Spring Battle

Absolut Park Spring Battle

Absolut Park Spring Battle

The fifth annual Absolut Park Spring Battle will be taking place on March 31st, 2007, at Flachauwinkl/ Salzburger Land in Austria.

The Spring Battle will be the end of season showdown at the Shuttleberg in Flachauwinkl. This year the invited and qualified riders can collect some extra TTR points besides the €6,000 prize money.

In addition to the massive Spring Battle Kicker, the shapers of the Absolut Park (with supervision from Ex Pro Max Rehrl and Seppi Harml) will also be building a Surprise Obstacle. The audience and riders still remember last years ‘Bowl to Wallride’ or the Slide Box over the Park Container in 2005, and this year’s additional obstacle promises to be even better.

This year there will be no open Amateurs Quali before the event; all riders have to qualify via previous ‘Friends Events’. These include the Ästhetiker Shred Down in Westendorf, the final of the Snow Park Tour or the Absolut Park Pop ’n’ Drop which will be taking place from February 16-17th.

Absolut Park Spring Battle

Quick Facts:

Title: Absolut Park Spring Battle

Modus: 3 Star TTR, Slopestyle

Date: March 31 2007

Location: Flachauwinkl/ Salzburger Land (AUT)

Amateur Qualification: Ästhetiker Shred Down in Westendorf, Final Snow Park Tour, Pop ’n’ Drop (February 16-17, Absolut Park), plus invited riders

Prize money: € 6,000

Sponsors: Atomic, Quiksilver, blue-tomato.at, Spark7, SP, tigas Base

More: www.absolutpark.com.

Images by Konflozius.