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POV off: The Action Camera Buyer’s Guide

How many of you dismissed action cameras when they first came out? Come on, own up – to be honest we were probably at it too… Even now we’re not totally convinced that rocking a headcam is acceptable.

But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be a cynic – with ridiculously high resolutions and features you might not even find on a decent DSLR, action cameras look like they’re set to be a permanent feature in the ‘extreme’-sports landscape.

So, despite our contempt for the ‘radical unicorn’ look (credit to Whitelines’ Chris Moran for that one), we’re taking a peek at some of the latest and greatest cameras in their field – and a few that were just so strange that we couldn’t leave them out either.

While you’re watching, don’t forget to turn up the resolution on each player for maximum POV cam stokage.

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