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5 Features to Look Out for in an Avalanche Transceiver

Many transceivers like the Mammut Element have a function which searches for multiple victims. Once found and marked, the victim’s signal can be removed from the search.

Many transceivers provide users the option of being able to locate multiple buried victims at the same time. These functions usually display the total number of victims on the digital display and allow you to mask a victim’s signal once you have located and them and marked their burial position so you can continue searching for others. These functions are typically a little more advanced and require a good understanding of the way the transceiver operates. but you wouldn’t buy something and not read the manual right?

In all seriousness, it’s super important that whichever transceiver you end up going for you learn how to use correctly. You can have the flashiest one in the world but if you can’t work it you may as well be holding a flipping banana…