Product Lowdown – Forum Shaka Bindings

Forum’s top-end binding is all about giving you that surf-style feel while not compramising on your ability to send it. Check the lowdown…

Everyone wants what the Beach Boys called ‘good vibrations’ while shredding, and to make it happen Forum created a unique baseplate/insert disc system, dubbed it Good Vibes and used it on the Shaka. The split baseplate and free-flexing Hinge Disk allows the board to bend more naturally to heighten feel and improve performance – be it surfy slashes on a blower day, stepping to a megawedge or jibbing downtown the fun times will roll. These are forgiving, comfy yet responsive due to the 30% glass-filled nylon, and in terms of intended use… just watch Andreas Wiig’s part in Vacation and you’ll see what these are all about.

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