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Pro Setup - Ben Rice

Pro Setup - Ben Rice

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

We hooked up with Bataleon and Switchback slasher Ben Rice, filmed him getting his stunt on and had him walk us through his kit. Check it out!

And just as we were about to press the magic ‘Publish’ button, we had word from our man Thrashmore at Bataleon informing us that the all-singing, all-dancing new Bataleon website is now up and running. So if Ben’s done his job right you’ll no doubt want to click over to sink your teeth in further to check out – amongst other slick kit – Thrashmore’s tips: the Global Warmer, the Camel Toe and Gulli Gudmundson’s Disaster, plus all their brand new outerwear range they’ve just dropped.

As for Ben, well, he’s certainly got the vampire jib steeze on lock, likes blood, and can operate a snowboard rather well indeed.

Filming/Edit: Lukas Lerperger


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