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YES Snowboards 2014/2015 Product Preview from ISPO

YES snowboard is now pretty famous in Europe and all over, thanks to the efficient boards they have been producing those last few years, and thanks to the sick team of riders that makes the image of the brand shine like a star.

Riders created and riders owned, YES snowboard is now established in Europe and it’s a good thing. DCP, Romain De Marchi and JP Solberg have worked hard again this year to propose a wide range of boards that the impressive team of riders tests day-in day out. And the team is just as impressive: the three creators, plus Tadashi Fuse, Helen Schettini, Franck April, Trouble Andrew, Benji Richie, to name just a few… Check out the 2014/15 range in those following pages.

Check out the 2016 product from YES snowboards here.