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Völkl Snowboards 2014-2015 Product Preview from ISPO

We are still here at the ISPO, taking a peak into what’s going to be the deal next season. Looking at all the fresh stuff for days now, we have to fight the urge to leave our booth and everyone we love behind and go hit the slopes as hard as we can. But we don’t want you to miss out on this so we’re pulling ourselves together to get you stoked out too.

This time we rolled over to the Völkl booth and snapped some photos of their new products. Coming from sweet bavaria with the mountains right next door, the folks at Völkl sure know how satisfy the riders every needs. Splitboards, Racing Boards and Snowboards for every terrain you can think of – you name it, they got it. Aside from Snowboards they also produce sick bindings that make strapping in super easy. Though the name might be a little bit difficult to pronounce for some of our english speaking guys, you should definitely remember it! Go check out the Völkl Snowboards 2014-2015 product preview and Joe, our charming model who is only comfortable with standing on the left side of a snowboard.

Check out Völkl Snowboards’ 2016 gear here!