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Etnies and ThirtyTwo just collaborated for the first time and created the ThirtyTwo Degrees of etnies Signature Collection, that includes signature colors of the new High Rise Etnies shoes along with matching apparel and accessories, for five of the best snowboarders in the game.  The signature Etnies High Rise colorways perfectly match the colors Chris Bradshaw, Chris Grenier, Joe Sexton, Scott Stevens and JP Walker selected for their Signature Series ThirtyTwo boots.  This collection is now available at finer retailers globally and at

“The STI Evolution Foam feels like I’m walkin’ on clouds!  These shoes are tough too, I walked to hell and back in one pair!” – Chris Bradshaw

“The High Rise is the most comfortable all-weather shoe that I have ever worn. You can stomp through rain or snow and your feet will stay dry.” – Chris Grenier

“The High Rise is the perfect shoe for checking spots in the winter.  It is awesome to walk through the snow and not have wet feet, plus you can go from the spot to the bar without skipping a beat.” – Joe Sexton

“No matter the weather the STI Evolution Foam stays nice and comfy on my feet, its super lightweight and functional.” -JP Walker

“STI Evolution Foam absorbs impact better than rubber ever will and it lasts. The High Rise is a great all-terrain shoe!” – Scotty Stevens