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ThirtyTwo 2014-2015 Product Preview from ISPO

ThirtyTwo’s boot range was HUGE at ISPO this year – and with an equally prolific team of riders to keep happy, you can see that they’ve been very busy!

Their team includes JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Chris Bradshaw, Joe Sexton, Frank April, Danny Larson, Dylan Thompson, Brandon Hobush, Spencer Schubert, Toni Kerkela, Benny Urban, Dylan Alito and Johnny O’Connor. Phew! OK, so we might have slightly overkilled the name dropping, but seriously that line up is one hell of an endorsement in our eyes.

Then, this year, they signed that Jeremy Jones character too… we hear he’s pretty good…

And, if you still need further confirmation that these guys are big players – the Ultra Light 2 boot even won an award at this year’s ISPO for it’s innovative design (more details in the link).

Let’s not forget ThirtyTwo’s outerwear either – some of the most popular jackets and pants on the market come through their doors. They’re often instantly recognisable for their oversized logos and relaxed fit with designs like the Shiloh and Lowdown that have quickly become classics.

This year there’s some sweet collab work going on with Crab Grab and Spring Break too and a tonne of options to choose from – take a look:

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