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Smokin Snowboards 2014-2015 Product Preview from ISPO

Smokin Jay (AKA Jay Quintin) kicked of Smokin snowboards in the ’96-’97 winter over in Truckee, California. They’re one of the survivors, and are still going strong as a rider run American built brand seventeen years later. 

Their homegrown factory builds snow and skateboards with the best materials they can get their hands on – and as the only other company with a licence to use Lib Tech’s magnetration, they’re packing tech too! This year they’ve been mucking around even more with the asymmetrical shapes introduced last season – and as ever there’s plenty of choice when it comes to camber/rocker options!

Firm believers in giving back, the Smokin team are supporting a whole bunch of riders across the scene – and their current pro team includes: Lane Knaack, Kyle Clancy, Max Weinberger, Colin Langlois, Jeff Kramer, Corey Noble, Joakim Rasmussen, Sakari Lahdesmaki, Jake Rose and Jordan Wells. 

Be sure to watch out for their regular edits, like this Smokin in Japan one:

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