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Salomon Snowboards 2014/2015 Product Preview from ISPO

French company Salamon are one of the biggest names out there when it comes to sports equipment – and since they started their snow department in 1995, their reliable quality, range and innovation has helped them build a ridiculously strong name for themselves. 

Nowadays, you’ll see their boards under the feet of Louif Paradis, Jed Anderson, Bode Merrill, Desiree Melanchon, Wollie Nyvelt, Jamie Nicholls, the list goes on, and on, and on…

Offering a full range of hardware – they’ve built boards and bindings that are designed to combine (see image above); boots and splitboards, powder surfers and rockered noodles that are a tonne of fun to ride.

This year they’re hitting us with their new four way split board, fresh designs on some household names, and some of the most tech bindings you’ll see on the market today. Throw them together with a couple of new look boots and you’ve got a bloody good collection of kit.

Check out the whole lot here:

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