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Protest 2014-2015 Product Preview from ISPO

Protest outerwear have been designing gear to give you more time on the mountain since 1993. The Dutch company was started by a group of snowboarders who decided to ignore the fact that their country was flat and focus on making it easier to do the things they loved. 

…And that is exactly what you need. Their passion has driven the brand for 21 years – that and a huge range of product for beginners and veteran riders alike. Protest consistently offer up a tonne of new designs with a very reasonable price range.

If you were watching the women’s Olympic halfpipe recently you might well have seen Ursina Haller, Ruben Verges and Mirabelle Thovex, three of their riders dropping in the halfpipe. But also be sure to check out their Jokers series, Rock a Rail competition and From Here to There series if you want to see what these guys are really about.

In the meantime, check out what they’ve got for this season in the outerwear department. It looks like they’ve really run with the whole pattern print/details vibe, as well as carrying their usual selection of alternative down jacket options.

Anyway, have a peek and see what you think:

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