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Never Summer Snowboards 2014/2015 Product Preview from ISPO

Never Summer Snowboards 2014/2015 Product Preview from ISPO

Mike Brindley Mike Brindley

Never Summer Heritage Snowboard 2014-2015

If you gave us a week to shred and a whole bunch of Never Summer boards to test – we’d be happy as larry… Call us nerdy, but there’s just so much tech going on in these, that we’re always intrigued to see how they ride. 

Never Summer have got over 20 years experience under there belt building boards, which, according to our calculations, effectively means their boards are 20x better, right? (Ok maybe our maths isn’t 100% watertight). Either way there are some sweet shred shticks in here, and tasty graphics to boot.

We’re particularly stoked on the Iron Maiden style text in for the Heritage series this year, and in general there’s plenty of brush strokes going on in this year’s designs as we move into the mellow artistic side of things.

Never Summer Chairman Snowboard 2014-2015

New to the line this year – and presumably named after Vince Sanders, the man himself!

Never Summer Cobra Snowboard 2014-2015

The Cobra is a carbonium classic – a real all mountain shredder built on the popular Proto HD. Coming at you this year in the same vibrant red/black colours, but with a softer transition and less harsh lines – just as smooth as the ride it promises.

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