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Capita Snowboards 2014-2015 Product Preview from ISPO

Have a first look at Capita Snowboards new range.

The ISPO has now come to an end and we are back behind our desks. Though we can still feel the after wash of the trade show, and probably will for another week or two, we are right on back to show you what supersweet stuff the brands have got in store for you.

A booth we are always excited to swing by to is definitely Capita Snowboards. Just by thinking of their team, which includes the likes of Scott Stevens, Dan Brisse, Jess Kimura and countless other riders who know how to rip hard and straight out boss, we’re getting goose-bumps.

When it comes to their snowboards, it’s well known that Capita Snowboards uses high quality materials you can rely on. Just imagine what a snowboard has to go through when Scott Stevens is out and about doing his thing! Of course this all means nothing, when gear is so expensive, that you’d have to go and rob pensioners, who are too old to kick your ass, to be able to afford it. Luckily the folks at Capita don’t do their job to milk the cash cow and sell their stuff at reasonable prices.

And don’t even get us started on their graphics as each and every board just straight-up looks sick. If you’re now drooling on your laptop, click through the article to see the Capita Snowboards 2014-2015 Product Preview from ISPO.

Check out Capita Snowboards’ 2016 gear here!

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