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Amplid Creates the World’s Lightest Splitboard

The boffins at the Amplid R&D department have come up with what they claim is the lightest splitboard in the world, like ever. Holy-uncovered-carbon-fiber this thing looks tech:

Weighing just 2.3kg, the Amplid LAB Carbon Split is the lightest splitboard on Planet Earth. Designed by company founder and owner Peter Bauer as the first release of the hyper-limited LAB series, the Carbon Split uses the most innovative technologies available to shave-off unnecessary weight. Peter, who is no stranger to designing lightweight, high performance snowboards said:

Experimenting is always exciting; you can’t really predict the outcome. We really didn’t expect to reach such a new weight-benchmark. Cutting weight is easy, losing grams and keeping durability is really tough. Our R&D team feels like alchemists who have discovered the perfect splitboard formula – awesome!!!

Combining pioneering weight saving materials including a Birch, Balsa and Paulownia wood core and aerospace grade low viscosity epoxy with topsheet free construction has enabled Amplid to skim 200 grams off the previous title holder. The raw, stealth aesthetics of uncovered carbon fiber adds Batmobile looks to blistering performance.

The LAB Carbon Split’s S-Rocker camber-line and conservative freeride geometry make this a splitboard capable of riding and skinning on all terrain and snow conditions. It is the perfect companion for long tours where conserving energy and power for epic descents is important.

For the 2013/14 winter season, production is limited to just 25 splitboards worldwide. The LAB Carbon Split is available from select retailers and

Well, then don’t be slow and get yours immediately. Although splitboarding might not be the easiest thing to do for you yet, you still can learn and practice and it’s all a lot more fun to do with this little friend here:

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