19 Sick Snowboard Wallpapers For Your iPhone 4 or 5

Sick of the bog standard wallpapers that come with your iPhone and looking to mix it up a bit? Well luckily for you, you’ve arrived at the right place! Here are 11 sweet snowboard wallpapers to download for your iPhone.

Have a flick through the following pages, pick out the ones you like and follow the ridiculously simple instructions below to download and install:

On a computer:

  • Save the file by right clicking on the download link and hitting save as
  • Email the file to yourself
  • Open the image, save it to your camera and head to settings to set it as your wallpaper!

On your phone:

  • Hit the download link
  • Hold down on the image to save as
  • Set as wallpaper!

We told you it was easy…

These wallpapers are designed with ios7’s parallax feature in mind (the cool way the background shifts when you move your phone) so be aware that the sides of the images will be cropped a little when you set the wallpaper.

Look out for new ones dropping on the site weekly and you can find all of these as regular desktop wallpapers here.