How to Shoot Snowboarding

How to Shoot Snowboard Photos

Shooting tips from Onboard’s Photo Editor Sami Tuoriniemi

Kalle Ohlson. Photo: Matt Georges.

If you’re thinking of getting shots into mags, be honest with yourself and think whether your shots are up to standard. Consider the title you’re submitting to – regional mags tend to feature home-grown talent with a smattering of international A-listers. Think of what section of the magazine your shots suit. If you’ve done a trip, don’t just shoot action: shoot portraits, lifestyle, potential openers and so on. If no-one buys the whole story you’ll still have portraits and singles that might be used for something.

How to Get Your Shots Past a Moody Photo Ed?

If you submit to a magazine, only send in new shots. Make a tight submission – 20 max – and tell the photo ed you have more. It is better to send 15 good shots than a rough edit of 200. Every single shot should be labelled with Rider_Trick_Location_Photographer. This should be in the file name, but in the metadata is also OK. Get your submissions out early as the first issue of a regional magazine gets put together in July, while our first deadline is in spring.

Most importantly, enjoy shooting!

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