How to Shoot Snowboarding

How to Shoot Snowboard Photos

Shooting tips from Onboard’s Photo Editor Sami Tuoriniemi

Gigi Rüf in the motions of a classic Miller flip in a well composed shot by Cyril Mueller

We posted this a while back, but with winter getting closer many of you will be looking forward to busting out your camera and snapping your buddies’ bangers, so we decided to re-post this How To… Shoot Snowboard Photos post to give all you budding sharpshooters out there the 411 from our photo ed.

Sami Tuoriniemi is Onboard’s photo editor. Each year he reckons he will have looked through 20,000 photos and monthly, he has to make the call on hundreds of epic shots. In short, he has bags of experience of snowboard photography. Here’s his quick 101 on the basics of shooting the shred:

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