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Werni Stock

Werni Stock

A pro since 2006, Werner Stock is an exciting Big Air boarder who has made his name following a string of impressive performances at the prestigious Air & Style competitions.

Born in Austria on September 19, 1987, Stock grew up in his parent’s hotel along with four siblings. The hotel happened to be in Tux meaning that young Werni could spend all year in the surrounding mountains. Since the age of 12 it was the main activity in his life and it wasn’t long until he was sponsored – albeit by his local equipment supplier ‘Insider Sportshop.’

Since then he’s joined the Burton stable and found success in a whole range of competitions. He considers his major breakthrough as when he won 2nd place in the Air & Style Rookie Challenge in Munich. Often he’s had his best finishes coming in the competition and competed in the first Air & Style to take place in the Bird Nest Stadium in Beijing.

One of the most charismatic and down to earth riders on the tour, Stock is incredibly grateful to have forged a career doing what he loves. His competition performances got him noticed by the boys over at Pirate Productions and we can expect to see some big parts from him in the future.


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