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Tom Klocker

Tom Klocker

Austrian snowboarding sensation Tom Klocker is sponsored by Head, Oakley, Monster Energy, Transform Gloves and Moreboards, and uses NX Five bindings combined with the Team Boa Hybrid boot. Since breaking onto the scene, he has struggled with some serious injuries including one picked up as a 19-year-old during a trip to Mount Baker with Team Argon, but this young shredder still likes nothing more than knocking the life out of massive kickers in the park and backcountry while also being partial to a little street action.

If you’re a fan of Isenseven, then you already know all about Tom’s incredible moves – his skills can be seen in Isenseven movies such as Don’t Panic (with Simon Gruber) and a fullpart with Kevin Bäckström and Christian Haller in the full-length Kaleidoscope from 2011.

Born on 5th December 1990 in the Tyrol region of western Austria, Tom lives in the town of Hippach, where his home resort is the Vans Penken Park at nearby Mayrhofen. He first went out on a snowboard at the age of 14 on a Scott, but soon moved on to a Salomon which was given to him as a Christmas present.

Riding with a regular stance and pants that are ‘not too tight and not too baggy’, Tom’s favourite trick is a mega-stylish FS 3. Away from the snow, he is a relaxed and grounded individual, who likes nothing more than going to the gym, skating, swimming, or hanging out with his friends.


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