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Marcus Kleveland

Marcus Kleveland

There are a select number of riders who’ve pulled off a triple cork. Marcus Kleveland, is the youngest of them ever having stomped the trick earlier this year, aged just 13. It’s enough to make fully grown adult snowboarders like ourselves question our self-worth.

Kleveland was born on April 25, 1999 in Lillehammer, Norway. He started snowboarding at his home mountain, Dombaas the tender age of 3, in 2002, and has since then become a young snowboarding sensation. Aged 11 he was picked up by mega-brand Volcom and he has continued to make good on his copious potential.

Since mastering the biggest trick in Snowboarding at present, Marcus has successfully pulled of a double front flip, frontside 1080 tail-grab, backside 9 switch, cab 9 double and a sweet traditional cab 1080 from his toes. It would be an amazing repertoire for a boarder twice his age.

Marcus has a goofy snowboarding style and has already chosen the almost impossible Corked BS7 as his favourite trick. Already a snowboarding sensation before his voice has broken the sky’s the limit for this young Norwegian. He is one to watch, admire and envy.


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