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Lauri Heiskari

Lauri Heiskari

Lauri Heiskari’s talent was first acknowledged when Snowboarder Magazine named him their Rookie of the Year back in 2003. His success was built on scoring a brilliant film stealing part in the acclaimed ‘Video Gangs’ movie, outshining the likes of Devun Walsh and JP Walker.

Lauri was also featured in Forum’s snowboarding video “That”. He was offered an apprenticeship doing backcountry and became one of the founding members of the DC team.

Heiskari was born on September 8, 1983, in Nummela, Finland. He is a part of long line of super talented group coming out of Finland and who have been taking over the snowboarding scene and has evolved into one of the most well rounded snowboarders doing the rounds at the moment.

Lauri rides regular, and he uses traditional tricks with strength and style to impress anyone. It is this very style that has aided him in getting to where he is today. With a continued passion and enthusiasm for the sport, Heiskari is likely to be tearing up slopes around the world for many years to come.


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