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Gulli Gudmundsson

Gulli Gudmundsson

Gulli Gudmundsson is part of a small group of riders putting Iceland on the snowboarding map. He, along with his friends Halldor and Eiki, have made sure that Iceland and it’s 320,000 people are punching well above their weight in kick-ass snowboarding terms.

Gulli has nailed killer parts in numerous films and though they are not all well known in the United States just yet, he plans to take advantage of the big entrance that welcomed the distribution of his film ‘Sexual Snowboarding’, released in 2012. He has had stand out parts in the edits of the Pirates’ film called Bataleon and also expanded travels within the United States and Europe.

Gudmundsson, now 26 years old, is originally from Akureyri, Iceland and currently resides in Hlíðarfjall, Iceland, where he started his snowboarding career with his friends and brothers.

His style is hard to label, as after viewing him ride it’s difficult to decide whether it’s regular or goofy. None the less, whatever his style, it has definitely been working in his favour so far and he won’t stop until the whole globe is aware of Icelandic snowboarding.


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