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Danny Larsen

Danny Larsen

Danny is both a hardcore snowboarder and a hardcore metal fan. This passion is illustrated in his ride style, which is unique and, along with his image, has earned him the title of ‘The Darkness’.

With his long hair and penchant for metal inspired art and fashion, Larsen has become a mythical figure in the sport. His reputation on the slopes has been enhanced by standout parts in Pirates films, as well as scoring more magazine covers in a single year than any rider before him.

As well as being a rad snowboarder with a full part in the Videograss production “The Darkside”, Larsen is also an established artist. His work has appeared on many T-shirts, boards, magazines and exhibitions as well as designing goggles for Spy.

Larsen hails from one of the homes of black metal, Norway and cites Kirkerud and Tryvann as being his preferred local resorts. He rides in a goofy stance and is known for his artistic, imaginative and gnarly shredding.

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