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Winners of ARTEC/ONBOARD Design Contest

Top to bottom: 1st - Jeremy Paillotin; 2nd - Alex Caleytin; 3rd - Lukas Hoffpointer

So, after much deliberation, a few Chinese burns and a bloody nose or two, here are the winners of the first Artec/Onboard Design Contest.

It was a tough call but between the Onboard crew and Artec’s design team and crew of riders we settled on 10 we felt were the best of the avalanche of submissions we received. Then, we voted again to arrive at a top 3, all of which will have their designs be made into real-life, wood and fibreglass snowboards. The remaining 7 entrants will receive Artec/Onboard care packages which should go some way to softening the blow of being so close but yet so far.

Congratulations to all you creative peeps!

RUNNERS UP (in no particular order)

David Torre Cachafeiro
Tony Nazaka
Dalibor Kazija
Kerry Hyndman
Giuly Voltini
Ben Merrington
Adam Holmes

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