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Win Peetu Piiroinen's helmet on Marko Grilc's blog.

Win Peetu Piiroinen's helmet on Marko Grilc's blog.

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey


Our buddy and recent Billabong Air&Style champion Marko Grilc dropped us a line to plug a comp to win TTR World Tour champ Peetu Piiroinen‘s sweaty helmet that he’s got going on on his blog.

Here’s what the Grilo had to say:

“Peetu gave me this helmet and I made him sign it.


The rules are very simple. Drop your name and your email under comments and on 1st of January I will make a random draw from the people who drooped the name. Pick the winner and send him the helmet… so someone will get a nice New Years present…”

Rock your way over to grilo.si to get amongst it.

  1. Josh Petersen

    hope I get lucky? haha

  2. ignacio

    ignacio cuesta atienza

  3. Moritz Kläger

    Wish you a merry beautiful Christmas with a “Peetu” Helmet under my christmas tree :)



  4. Daniela Ott

    Daniela Ott


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