Markus Keller’s spot on the International Volcom Snow team is way overdue… With countless covers, an Arctic Challenge overall victory, and a 7th place at the Torino Pipe-Olympics (with a fall on the last hit) it is high noon for this silent but violent ripper to get some recognition in America…

Whereas his fellow countryman I-Pod is all over the place and in four other places too, all at the same time, Markus is the polar opposite… Calm, reserved, and appearing to be shy, if you don’t know him. That is until the second he straps in, of course. Funny fact, then, that these two Chocolate & Cheese shreds are such close friends…

With the looks of Marky Mark (Quote Cody Dresser) and on-snow skills the equivalent of Dirk Diggler’s sheet savagery, Markus’ future looks bright.
This past winter he spent most of his time filming with Blank Paper Productions (David Benedek & friends) for their new upcoming snow flick, “In Short”.

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