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Torah Bright Practicing Double Corks

Torah Bright Practicing Double Corks

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

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The Aussie Roxy rider attempts doubles in the pipe down under.

What with all the hype over the men and their quest for the elusive double, you’d be forgiven if you thought there was just a duder contest going on in Vancouver this week.

However, rumours have been circling for the last few months that Australian Torah Bright – hands down the most technical female rider – has a double on lock too. And now you can see her giving it a go.

As you can see from this first video evidence shot back last year, she doesn’t appear to be too far off from this double Crippler and if she can mix this into one of her ever-stylish runs then she’s gotta be a serious contender for gold. The only consideration will then be if she has the amplitude to compete with Kelly Clark and Gretchen Bleiler, both who’ve been going huge with front 9s and inverted 7s.

Stupid O’Clock Friday morning will for sure be interesting…

  1. Sue

    Wow! I hope she lands one in Whis!

  2. Oscar

    So sexy!

  3. ozo

    Amazing for sure, but that’s not exactly a double cork…
    But again, awesome to see the progression and huge props to Tora for upping the ante!


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