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Stian Solberg on Rusty

Stian Solberg on Rusty

Quite recently, Rusty decided to re-launch its snow project “SNØject”. The first rider on their roster had been Romain de Marchi, who also has a say in building up their team. Apparently, the first guy on his list was the Norwegian shred Stian Solberg, and accordingly he is the latest addition to the new Rusty snow team. That said, I will leave you with the official ‘press release':

It’s all about the crew you ride with and when Rusty’s “SNØject” was set in motion the first guy to RDM’s list was Stian. All round good guy, super positive, motivated, he’s down to work and ready to mix it up after hours, Stian has been stepping it up over 2009. He’s the real deal sledding around looking for something, building it and hitting it. After it’s done it’s onto the next thing…

The Rusty “SNØject” is simple, it’s a platform for the riders to speak their minds and in 2010 Stian’s looking for his ideal setup “3 feet of new snow, a good crew, just snowboarding….” So stay tuned there’s more to come…


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