Snickers Classic & Popcorn Wallride

Saas Fee has the honor of playing host to the last and final tourstop of the TTR for this season. The Snickers Classic & Popcorn Wallride is looking at it’s sixth edition this year, and will no doubt carry on the tradition of good vibes, a laid back attitude, a super fun course and some good ol’ springtime shredding. The only thing that will have really changed is the contests status in regard to the TTR, as it recieved an additional star to the three it already had.

Like every year, Fredi K will be playing host alongside Marco Schwab, who both undoubtedly know what it takes to organise an event that pro shreds can sink their teeth into. In respect to that, a slopestyle course will especially be designed for the event, with the all-to-well-known 8 m Wall waiting at the bottom of it for riders to get their steeze on. Fredi and Marco have already sent out invites to their favourite shred buddies such as Gian Simmen, Beckna, Morgan Lefaucheur and Tonton Holland just to name a few.

One is not to forget about the ‘Living Room Bar’ at the Popcorn where various music acts will be underlining all the craziness going down. You will get to see a diverse bunch of music acts from Scott Sullivan’s classic acoustic singalongs to Dj Stylewars’ Hiphop beats.

Event Dates

April 17th-20th!!!!

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