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Shred Optics signs Finnish Rider Antti-Juhani Piirainen

Shred Optics signs Finnish Rider Antti-Juhani Piirainen

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey


Antti-Juhani “Naku” Piirainen – the Finnish Snowboarder of the Year 2007 – is a man of few words.  If you know Naku, then you’ll agree that he prefers letting his riding do the talking.

The Finn was awarded “The Snowboarder Of The Year” at the Slammer Gala Awards (a riders poll of the Finnish snowboarding magazine). As other categories were selected by public voting, the award Naku won was voted on by a special jury of his peers. He was later told that the decision was unanimous!

“I’m speechless from this kind of honor and accomplishment, especially when it could have been any other Finnish pro rider… Jussi Oksanen, Heikki Sorsa, Eero Ettala etc…” – Naku

And now, in 09/10 season, he’ll be sporting Shred goggles and shades. “Naku” signed on with Shred, loving the fact that it’s an athlete inspired brand which caters to the true core shredders out there. He had several other options, but ultimately chose Shred. Their loud style balances out his otherwise reserved demeanor.

We’re stoked to have you on board, Naku! We hope you put in some sick sessions for all of us other mortals who aren’t as lucky as you and can’t quite get as much snow time in as you.

  1. matt

    funny that Naku believes Jussi would quit smith a time long partner, or eero / heikki Oakley which supported them since ever and are pushing them like no other brand would.

    Naku is a good rider, cool he got supported by a new sponsor though, let see if he’ll get as much coverage as those past year since pipo retired. He deserves it so I hope so.


  2. john

    nah. think you read that wrong matt. i read that stuff about heikki/eero/jussi as to be talking about when naku won the finnish rider of the year. he was so stoked that he was chosen as finnish rider of the year when they could have picked jussi/eero/heikki.

    agree with you about naku. he is for sure sick! hope it all goes well for him!


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