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Roxy Chicken Jam superpipe

Congratulations to Kelly Clark! She took home the gold at the 2009 Roxy Chicken Jam Superpipe Competition. This is the second consecutive year that Kelly has won the Superpipe at the Roxy Chicken Jam, taking home the $15,000 prize purse. Kelly Clark’s winning run consisted of a frontside air, backside 540 mute, frontside 540, method, front 720 Lein, and a Cab 720. Kelly is excited to compete tomorrow in the Slopestyle competition and is hungry for the TTR World Championship.

The Canadians had a strong showing, taking home both the silver and bronze medals in the Superpipe. Mercedes Nicoll’s silver run consisted of a frontside air, backside 540, frontside 720, Cab 360 backside grab, and a backside 720. She brought home $7,000. Sarah Conrad took home the bronze. Her winning run consisted of a method, frontside 540, backside 540, air to fakie tail grab, a cab 540, and a switch alley oop 540. She brought home $3,000.

Because of heavy winds, the Slopestyle competition has been postponed until Monday at 10 am so we should have a winner later today which also means that the TTR 08/09 queen will be crowned soon! Check back for more news later…

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