Riders Announced for World Snowboarding Championships Quarterpipe Contest

Here's Terje breaking records back in 2007. Will he or anyone else go bigger this time round? Photo: TTR

The WSC Quarterpipe contest will go down in Holmenkollen, Oslo, Friday 17th February, and they’ve just announced the list of riders who’ll be sending it to outer space. Here they are…

Quartepipe comps used to be fairly commonplace till a few years back when they kind of dropped off the map a little. Now the WSC are bringing it back with a vengeance to Oslo, and bossman Terje Håkonsen – who, don’t forget, holds the current World Record Highest Air at 9.8m – will be booting it along with the other riders deemed to have the minerals to tackle a 10m-high ice sculpture. As a reminder of the good old days, here’s Terje’s mental voyage into the outer reaches of Norwegian airspace in 2007.

Should be kind of a big deal…


Risto Mattila FIN
Broc Waring USA
Matt Ladley USA
Kim Rune Hansen NOR
Shayne Pospisil USA
Benji Farrow USA
Arthur Longo FRA
Olivier Gittler FRA
Jack Mitrani USA
Brennen Swanson USA
Manuel Pietropoli ITA
Terje Haakonsen NOR
Daisuke Murakami JPN
Ruiki Masuda JPN