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Pre-Order Think Thank's 'Right Brain, Left Brain'

Pre-Order Think Thank's 'Right Brain, Left Brain'

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey


You’ll get good shit if you do.

Think Thank’s Special Collectors Edition Right Brain, Left Brain is online at www.thinkthank.com and available for pre order!!!

The DVDs are arriving and the collector’s edition boxes will start shipping soon. Go to the store to get yours because there are only 125 and they are selling fast!

DVDs are signed by: Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford, Ben Bogart, Jesse Burtner, Sean Genovese, Chris Brewster, Ross Phillips, Mike Morgan and Christina Burtner.

You get all this stuff you see here in the picture plus a chance to win one of the three Golden Tickets provided by 32/Etnies, Lib Tech and The Summit At Snoqualmie.


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