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Morrow Jam 2007. Tamworth, UK

Morrow Jam 2007. Tamworth, UK

If you’re British and have never been to the Morrow Jam, you can’t call yourself a British snowboarder. They had a 6m Dendix quarterpipe a few years back for crying out loud!

This year’s incarnation will go down on Saturday, November 10 2007 at the Tamworth snowdome.

Over to Morrow Jam organiser Rob Needham:

Hi Folks,

It’s that time of year again. Here is the flyer for this year’s Morrow Jam.

There will be cash prizes as well as the usual goodies this year .
Hope you can make it.

Please spread the word as far as you can.

Best regards,
Rob Needham

Surf over to the Morrow Jam website for more.


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