Mille Bornes Tour : Km 350 – First Stop in Meribel The Almo crew has been touring the Alps onboard their über massive Monster bus. Part of their upcoming video ‘Milles Bornes’, their reveal the first episode of the Tour, check it out!

Riders : Sylvain Bourbousson, David Livet, Margot Rozies, David Benedek, Josh Dirksen, Louif Paradis, Wole Nyvelt, Aurelien Verdet, Thomas Chazou, Ugo Maréchal, Morgan Le Faucheur, Fred Couderc, Yrwan ‘Golden’ Garica Leal. 

Produced by: Almo film. Alban Jehlen-Morgan Le Faucheur
Directed by : Morgan Le Faucheur, Julien Rodrigues
Filmed by : Julien Rodrigue,Fred Schwal,Julien Perly
Motion Design : David “Dash” Schaller
Edited by : Julien Rodrigues
Music : Jacques Dutronc – On nous dit rien

More info: Almo Films blog

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