Hightlights of the German Pipe Championships Last weekend, pretty much every German snowboarder met up at the Nebelhorn/Oberstdorf to shred the new superpipe for the first German Pipe Championships in about 80 years. To cut straight to the chase Christophe Schmidt and Conny Bleicher are the new German champions, and Linus Birkendahl took home the groms’ title. The video should quench your thirst for more information on this event.

This is the women's champion Conny Bleicher.

2011 German Pipe Championships

Men’s Final Ranking
1 Christophe Schmidt 85.33
2 Christoph Weber-Thoresen 80.33
3 Xaver Hoffmann 78.33
4 David Benedek 78.00
5 Ethan Morgan 65.00

Women’s Final Ranking
1 Conny Bleicher 74.33
2 Annette Steinbauer 62.00
3 Veronika Rajcsanyi 58.33
4 Vanessa Tinney 52.67
5 Alexandra Klaass 49.33

Groms (U16)
1. Linus Birkendahl 64.67
2. Luis Eckert 60.00
3. Johannes Höpfl 56.33

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