Fellhornpark in Oberstdorf opens up for the season

Unknown ripper shot by Quirin Müller

On December 21 Fellhornpark is opening up for the season, but there is already jib-able stuff around by now. The crew gave their best to further update the park, so they introduced a few new rails and boxes. Despite all the metal, they also brought along some natural wooden obstacles for this year. Shapers also added a new line of kickers with bigger proportions to the set-up. The kid’s park offers mellow jumps and slideable stuff for the young ones and beginners to work their way up from there. A nice cabin located at the end of the park is putting the chill back in chilled session with music, deck chairs and a BBQ.

For a list of upcoming events and furhter information check their website.

Fellhornpark Overview


– Kicker 10m and 7m (2 takeoffs)
– Kicker 10m and 7m (2 takeoffs)
– Roller 12m and 9m (2 takeoffs)
– Table-Topper

Wood and Iron

– 3x Downrail 8m (doublerail)
– Flatrail 8m
– Flatrail 6m
– Double kinked Box 12m
– Flatbox 12m
– Kinked box 12m
– Butterbox-combo 12m
– Downbox 8m
– Tree-Bonk
– Tree-Coping

Kids‘ Park

– Wide array of waves and small sized jumps
– special rails and slidepipes