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Rock a Rail returns to The Hague on the 28th September

On the 28th September 2013, Rock a Rail returns to the Hague for an evening of next-level inner city rail shralping with a host of the world’s finest.

The Rock a Rail in the Hague, presented by Protest and Monster Energy, is one of the first early season inner city rail jams of the season and is pretty much the best way to get you pumped for winter – other than of course, y’know, actually going snowboarding.

Last year’s setup was one of the most legit we’d seen yet, complete with a heavy quad kink rail and other equally sizeable features and we’ve been told that this year’s will be just as sick.

Halldor Helgason, Benny Urban, Ethan Morgan, Denis Leontyev, Jaeger Bailey, Len Jorgensen, Dominik Wagner, Kas Lemmens, Marc Swoboda and Ludde Lejkner are already confirmed and that alone should tell you everything you need to know about the level of riding…

Well worth a road trip out to Holland. Heck, you could even pay Amsterdam a visit on the way…

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