Oxborn Session 2011 coming up

Halldor, Double BS Rodeo.

The 28th of april to 1st of May, it’s time for Oxborn session again in Tandådalen, Sweden.

The Riders will compete in an intense session of 1 hour which is divided into different 15 min periods.
15 min best style
15 min best technical
15 min Highest Air
and last fifteen minutes, the riders do their best to show the judges that they are worthy the overall title.

Check the teaser here:

TSW by ripcurl and Oxborn session from OXBORN SESSION on Vimeo.

Riderslist 2011

Anton Bilare
Niklas Mattson
Alessandro Boyens
Ludwig Lejkner
Sindre Iversen
Nils Arvidsson
Tor Lundström
Elias Elhardt
Sven Thorgren
Gulli Gudmundsson
Peter könig
Joachim Nyhaugen
Pål sorensen
Mats Hofgaard
Blayze Bramwell
Kevin Bäckström
Teo Kottinnen
Stian Aannestad
Chris Sörman
Joachim Krogstie

Nils Arvidson, BS Air on last year's huge hip.

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