At Equilibrium London Premiere

Thibalut Pomarat. Whatever that means.

A couple of months ago we posted the excellent teaser for Blickinsfreie’s upcoming documentary ‘At Equilibrium‘ on the Bulgarian shred scene. The movie also features Gigi Rüf, Danny Larsen and Marc Swoboda, and we are quite positive you won’t regret watching it. To celebrate things in style the filmmakers kick things off with a swank London premiere of the movie. Here’s the flyer, and further down you’ll find some more details on this upcoming highlight.


Doors: 8pm

Movie: 9pm

Vibe Bar

91 – 95 Brick Lane

London E1 6QL

Aftershow with:

Gimmix (Audiolith / Germany)

dollop djs (London / UK)

Facebook page

Facebook event

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