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More Entries for Onboard/Dragon Design Contest

Reckon you can do better than any of these?

If you’re a creative type and fancy winning yourself a pair of Dragon Rogues with your own design on you’ve only got until March 19 2010 to submit your entries.

Below you can check out but a fraction of the designs that have come in so far, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, check out all the details HERE or just download the files below and get on it. Email your designs to with the subject: Dragon Design Comp.

[Download the Rogue blank template HERE]

[Download the Onboard logo HERE]

David Olsson.
Vasco Borges.
Tamara Magitteri
Patrick Tuoti.
Oriol Sanchez Castello.
Dima Shapiro.
Clemens Rothvauer.